If you received notification from Zaxaa or from Stripe or from Paypal that your recurring payment for Board Commander failed, then here is how what you can do.

Option 1: Verify that you have available balance on your credit card or debit card. Transfer funds into the credit card (or debit card). Our system will re-try the payment in a few days.

Option 2: If you can see that there is available balance on your card, then your bank must have blocked the payment. In this case, please contact your bank and ask them to unblock all future payments to Board Commander Inc.

Option 3: If you need to check where the payment comes out from, or if you need change which credit or debit card the payment is coming out of, then here is a video showing you how to do it:

Here are the steps from the video:

1) Go to https://www.zaxaa.com/login, and login with your email and password (or click reset password on zaxaa.com, then enter your password, and you will be able to get your password).

Then click “my purchases” at the top and then access product (NOTE - you don't need to "complete profile")

Here is the screenshot:

After you click "My purchases", you will be taken to this page (image below). From here, you can either View your subscription details, or you can click on the Credit card image and update your credit card:

Important: if 3 or more of your payments fail, we may suspend your access to Board Commander. So please ensure you rectify this situation.